Beet Happening 

Furniture Designer: Ben Borley

Graphic Designer: Urbanlink

2015 Grand Jury Prize & People's Choice Winner

Strong branding with fun and inviting street presence welcome visitors into this space. It has a consistent, playful design, attractive ceiling heights, and good layout and flow. The use of bright colours and the natural, subtle lighting add the well-crafted and thoughtful design.


Interior Design: McKinley Burkart

2015 Grand Jury Prize Winner

Smith is a good use of space,creating comfort, consistency, and sophistication. Quality design and production value is evident and well put together. The Canadiana style reinforces the identity and comfort of the space.

Lunch Bell Bistro

Architect: Work/Shop Projects

2015 Grand Jury Prize Winner

The palette of wood and white work well together creating consistency in this small space. Well-designed ceilings and benches bring the space together and create its unique identity.

The Merchant Kitchen & Bar

Architect: Stantec

2015 Grand Jury Prize Winner

The Merchant demonstrates an eclectic, colourful, contemporary interpretation of a Middle Easter bazaar. It highlights excellent design detailing, great layout, and flow. Clearly designed for use by groups.

Yoga Public

Interior Design: Belinda Albo Design Studio

2015 Grand Jury Prize Winner

This space boasts excellent planning and flow with compatible character of design to yoga. In addition to high-quality contemporary finishes with good design knowledge, the connection between the street and interior is noteworthy. Elegant furniture, high-quality materials, and interesting graphics are used in this Asian-mix design.

Green Apple Skateboard Shop

Architect: Jon Ferrer

2015 Grand Jury Prize Winner

A quirky and sophisticated skateboard shop with great street appeal. The design is clean and far from cliche. The small front desk is the appropriate scale, and interesting wood products are used to display each separate brand, boosting the originality.