Fools & Horses Coffee 

Designer: 0812 Building Solutions

Furniture Design: DAB Building + Renovation

2016 Grand Jury Prize & People's Choice Winner

The space provides a stylish and enjoyable environment for coffee enthusiasts, with ample natural light flowing into the space. Cohesiveness throughout the shop is achieved with a minimalistic approach which highlights the front counter as the main focus of the space. 

Chosabi Asian Eatery

Interior Design: The Design Shop

2016 Grand Jury Prize Winner

A thoughtfully designed space with good attention to detail. From plaid banquettes to hexagonal tiling at the counter, the use of an unexpected combination of patterns and textures is unique and fashion forward. The bustle of the open kitchen is successfully integrated with a relaxed seating environment.

Mere Hotel

Architects: David Penner Architect & ARCCADD

2016 Grand Jury Prize Winner

The Mere Hotel is already a Winnipeg landmark that successfully integrates its interior with the surrounding context through the use of large windows. Coloured pipes on the exterior create a unique facade while offering needed privacy to hotel guests.

RBC Convention Centre

Architects: LM & Number Ten Architects in Joint Venture with LMN

2016 Grand Jury Prize Winner

The City View Room in the newly expanded RBC Convention Centre is a spectacular space in both the interior and from the exterior. Spanning across York Street, the space plays on the lighting and intricate ceiling of the interior, creating a stunning art piece for the street below. 

Tiny Feast

Interior Design: Lynne Mulvihill

Architect: Work/Shop

2016 Grand Jury Prize Winner

A small but complex space that exhibits cohesiveness and appealing details throughout. The layout is defined by the strategic placement of furniture, offering a comfortable and well organized space that appeals to everyone.