Little Sister Coffee Maker

Interior Designer: Ola Hiraeth 

2019 Grand Jury Prize & People's Choice Winner

There is unexpected charm in seeing the remnant architecture of an old bank juxtaposed with a fun new interior. The creative diversity of interior uses, arches that create a distinct feeling of place, and the market-like commons consisting of neighbourhood businesses makes every customer visit memorable.

Harth Mozza and Wine Bar

Designer: Fireside Design Build

2019 Grand Jury Prize Winner

Sliding ladders along the wall and accessible wine racks overhead creates the illusion of dining in a wine cellar. The lighting, dark backdrop, lighter wood accents, and booth seating acoustics demonstrate thoughtful attention to detail. Seating variety allows customers to choose between an intimate or energetic dining experience.

Patent 5 Distillery

Interior Designer: Environmental Space Planning

2019 Grand Jury Prize Winner

From the bottles to the bitters, every detail was thoughtfully considered. There is creative genius in how a heritage bar and salvaged furnishings can bring new life to an old warehouse. These elements, along with garage-style doors that open to the street, contribute to a strong community commitment.

JUNE Home Supply

Interior Designer: Studio Hiraeth

2019 Grand Jury Prize Winner

Integrating the adjacent coffee shop with JUNE Home Supply creates synergies between neighbourhood businesses. Simple finishes, thoughtful display, and an open grid-wall division between the two businesses demonstrates the effectiveness of thoughtful design simplicity. Separated ‘rooms’ in the retail space help customers visualize products in their own home.