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Due to the ever-evolving and uncertain future of the Covid 19 pandemic, Storefront Manitoba and the curators of Cool Gardens have come to the difficult decision to cancel Cool Gardens 2020. To ensure the safety of our staff, contractors, artists, volunteers, and visitors, the following projects will not be realized.

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Pipe Talks by Alexander Semegen & Rajat Ferma

2020 Competition Winner

Parks create conversations. It’s a chance to share and reflect upon the pains and gains of life. We all aim for clarity, not only in thought but also in dialogue. The consistent clash of words and impromptu ideas create distractions for a directed discussion. We often deflect from our path and proceed towards unintended tangents. What if, the possibility of speaking and listening was restricted to either one? The expected clarity of conversation would certainly be higher.

Putt Putt Plaza by Mike Light, Tamara Marahj, Mark Johnson

2020 Competition Winner