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Pipe Talks
by Alexander Semegen+ Rajat Ferma

Parks create conversations. It’s a chance to share and reflect upon the pains and gains of life. We all aim for clarity, not only in thought but also in dialogue. The consistent clash of words and impromptu ideas create distractions for a directed discussion. We often deflect from our path and proceed towards unintended tangents. What if, the possibility of speaking and listening was restricted to either one? The expected clarity of conversation would certainly be higher.

Putt Putt Plaza
by Mike Light, Tamara Marahj
Mark Johnson

Putt Putt Plaza re-imagines the use of public space and invites people to slow down and have fun. Built on a sloped pathway along the Red River, Putt Putt Plaza transforms the walkway into a multi-use mini-putt course. A blanket of putting green turf covers the pathway in its entirety. Cool, multi-toned blues of the turf catch the eye and draw attention to the curves of the walkway. As people head down to the river, a painted light pole and mini-putt rack signal the start of Putt Putt Plaza. Along the three hole course, features such as the iconic windmill create a cheerful and engaging experience.

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