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May 2, 2022

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To all of those who were involved with Storefront Manitoba's Programming at this year's Design Month, we are extremely grateful for the time, energy, support, expertise, creativity, and passion that made this celebration of design in Manitoba such an immense success!

If you had the opportunity to visit an exhibit, watch a presentation, or partake in any Design Month activity, we want to hear about it! Tell us about an event that you enjoyed and what you'd like to see done for next year.

Thank you for coming out and showing your support for great DESIGN IN MANITOBA!

Flash Photographic Festival

Winnipeg Architecture Foundation

Canada Council
For the Arts

Downtown Biz

Exchange Biz

Artist Run Centre
Association (ARCA)

Architecture Lobby Tkaronto




Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

Manitoba Association
of Architects

Manitoba Association
of Landscape Architects

Urban ink

RD Sales

BLDG Architecture

Prairie Architects

Rodych Integrated
Design Inc.

Westland Construction

patent 5

Winnipeg Art Gallery

MMP Architects

Cibinel Architecture

Monteyne Architecture Works

ft3 architecture
landscape Interior Design

10x20x20 Programming

Joe Kalturnyk

Thalia Andreoglou

Jaya Beange

Barb Besner

Nik Friesen-Hughes

Choi Ho

Lindsey Koepke

Rasna Madhur

Reanna Merasty

Stephen Oberlin

Thea Pedersen

Amber Perron

Joseph Pilapl

Emily Sinclair

Chris Wiebe

Teresa Lyons

Hannah Thiessen

Kate Sherrin

Iman Ali

Tony Neustaedter

Rhayne Vermette

Chimwemwe Undi

Nathan Krahn

Alexandra Elliott

Neilla Hawley

Mackenzie Skoczylas

Nicole Luke

Jonato Dalayoan

Josiah Dalayoan

Naomi Ratte

Mabel Horton

Angie Mojica

Chris Gibson

Adrian Alphonso

Urvashi Gupta

Aaron Pollock

Adrian Werner

Ralph Gutierrez

Albert McLeod

Jenna Vandal

Sharee Hochman

Glen Murray

Leah Gazan

Murray Peterson

Colin Neufeld

Jessica Westervelt

Michael Butterworth

Warren Carther

George Vincent

Leif Norman

Brian T. Rex

Mimi Locher

Joel Friesen

Emily Sinclair

Jacqueline Young

Bearface General Store

Evi Ten

Florence Botanicals

Ginger and Stone

Happyland Print Company

Indigo Arrows

Kami Goertz

Kevin Fawley

Painted House Pottery

The ba.sic shoppe

Lisa Landrum

Marieke Gruwel

Indigenous Design +

Planning Students

Jackie Traverse

JAR Opener

SAS Beyond Borders

Graeme Young

Stefan Braun

DJ Particle Board

Ash Management

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