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Grow Room

A Gardening Installation

GrowRoom seeks to to increase public awareness of gardening spaces and design in those spaces. To allow for gardening in small spaces with greater yields and to provide food security. To challenge yard design away from beds, gazebos and decks. To use materials and design so that people can adapt and use structure as their own.

Portal Zero.jpg

Portal Zero

An Annual Architectural Installation at

The Winnipeg New Music Festival

PORTAL ZERO was an immersive installation at the Winnipeg New Music Festival 2018.  The name derives from the portals that lead into the Hall and separate the ‘outside’ world from the performance theatre.  This liminal or transition space provides the scale for a more intimate experience of hearing solo live cello accompanied by pre-recorded tracks of a piece commissioned for this event.  Limited to 10 visitors at a time carrying LED candles, they travel in darkness along a 20 foot long curving corridor to a 16 foot high cylinder to be surrounded by sound.  These spaces are within two white boxes stacked one on top of the other.  A video loop is projected onto the outside of the boxes with gorgeous images of Winter and words from the poem ‘a quite architecture’.

Winter Garden.png

Winter Garden

An Outdoor Installation Competition

The Winter Garden is a collaborative, temporary, public art project intended to be accessible to the whole community. Community groups are actively connected with Winter Garden artists, engineers, and architects as they bring the winter installations to life; free community events encourage interaction with Winter Gardens. Activities include outdoor public art displays; guided walking tours; a hot chocolate party and warm-up campfire; as well as opportunities for outdoor physical activity and winter demonstrations.

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