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Portal X is an inhabitable sculpture, instrument, and a metaphor that invites contemplation of the temporal and the infinite. The simple architecture of the X boldly marks a spot in space and time. Here, we are placed within the order of the universe but also witness the entropic trajectory of cultures; the loss of time (as we know it). Temporality and infinity intersect in Portal X as two chambers angled at 45 degrees from each other represent time and space further shaped by light and sound.

Portal X features commissioned pieces from two composers that is inspired by the Latin mass, language most of us feel rather than understand. Themes of temporal and infinite are represented through discrete streams of electronic rhythm and chorale melody. These sonic lines are subtle yet symbiotic, they intersect where the two chambers meet and reverberate throughout the lobby of the Concert Hall. Live vocal performances will occur on some nights to the synchronized version and on other nights, the two sonic streams will be de-synchronized in various combinations so each night’s experience will be unique.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”​

– William Blake

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