FRONTlines 9

Join us! For FRONTlines #9 as Bob Firth discusses Wayfinding & the City

Bob Firth, founder of Informing Design of Pittsburgh, will present the latest insights into constructing regionally-integrated Wayfinding Systems and their value to tourism and economic development. Building off of his Pittsburgh System, he will show how the brand new Nashville system (and the forthcoming Baltimore system) integrate wayfinding from regional level down to local neighborhoods.

Bob Firth President, Informing Design, Inc. of Pittsburgh

With a background in math and an interest in design, Bob Firth initially founded Informing Design to simplify complex charts and graphs for scientific and engineering reports. But Pittsburgh’s notoriously complicated road system turned out to be too tempting a geometry puzzle. He won local fame in the 90s for solving that puzzle, first with his best-selling atlas, Pittsburgh Figured Out, and then with his ground-breaking design for the city’s Wayfinder Sign System, which is still cited as the model system in Wikipedia’s wayfinding entry. Based on this work, Bob went on to develop a general method for untangling travel routings, both for sign systems and for road maps, called “Area-to-Corridor Wayfinding.” First presented to a panel at the National Academy of Sciences and then to the International Conference on Spatial Cognition, it has since become the basis for four of the largest wayfinding sign projects in North America. Mr. Firth also has a deep interest in transit, pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding, and has developed new approaches to untangling maps for those purposes as well. His firm is currently at work on a mobile app that aims to unite maps for the bus-able, walk-able and bike-able areas of a city into a graspable whole.

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