Portal 0 at the New Music Festival

StorefrontMB’s Portal Zero at the New Music Festival, created and produced by architect Richard Derksen. Special thanks to Kathleen Polischuk, Leanne Zacharias, the Mb Assoc of Architects, 701 Architecture and Holz Custom Prefab.

Portal 0 will have a live performance of music commissioned for Portal 0:

Wednesday: Pre-show (6:30 – 7:30), Intermission, and Post-Show (1 performance)

Friday: Pre-show (6:30 – 7:30), Intermission, and Post-Show (1 performance)

Other times will have surroundsound playback of the 21 minute piece:

Three contours, traversed is a site-specific piece for cello and four channel fixed media commissioned for the Portal Zero project. This is the third piece composed for cellist Leanne Zacharias by Travis Weller, Austin, Texas. The material emphasizes the natural resonance of instruments in a small space. The pre-recorded media features several acoustic instruments such as marimba, vibraphone, celeste, prepared piano, steel lamellophones, violin and viola. These sounds were not electronically manipulated after they were recorded, except to remove background noise. As the cello part provides a foundation for the harmony heard in the unseen chamber ensemble, the piece meanders through a maze of tones as they diminish over time.

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