TODAY at Winnipeg Design Festival!

Park[ing] Day This is a FREE Event.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual, global event where citizens, artists, designers and activists transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks, raising awareness of the importance of creating humane, sustainable, urban culture.

Multiple installations from a diverse range of groups transform parking stalls into ‘pop-up’ places that encourage Winnipeggers from all walks of life to consider issues like the importance of public space ownership, car addiction, active living, healthy communities and the value of street life.

Steelday Tours This is a FREE Event.

SteelDay is your chance to get to know the Canadian structural steel industry. Personally!

The day will be an interactive and networking event for members of the design, construction and structural steel industry. Across the nation – steel fabricators, mills, service centres, galvanizers, HSS producers, bender-rollers and others will open their facilities, job sites, and offices. Architects, engineers, contractors, developers, students, educators and the general public are invited to see how we contribute to building Canada.

Special equipment will be provided. Please note that tour times vary.

Design Professionals, please register here for a tour:

All members of the public, please register here:

Film: The Art of Recovery This is a FREE Event.

From chaos to creativity and hope for a broken city. As demolition gangs reduce ruins to rubble, artists,innovators and entrepreneurs are bringing life back to the streets of post-earthquake Christchurch, empowering the people and creating a promising future for a dynamic new city.

The film is screened by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation in partnership with the Winnipeg Public Library and the Winnipeg Design Festival.

Presentation: True North Square This is a FREE Event.

Located in the heart of downtown, True North Square is the largest private mixed-use development in Winnipeg’s history combining office, hotel, residential, retail, parking, and a central plaza. Design elements of the project have been carefully constructed by the architectural and development teams to support urban activity as well as commercial vitality. Together with other exciting developments planned downtown, the project will play a key role in redefining the city’s core.

All designers and architects encouraged to attend!

10x20x20 This is a FREE Event.

At this event, ten speakers present 20 slides, giving 20 seconds to each slide, to bring the local design community together to share ideas, projects, and design in a fun and informative social setting. Prepare to be inspired!

Started in 2008, 10 x 20 x 20 continues to be well received by the design community and the public. The diverse list of past presenters has included architects, artists, builders, industrial designers, historians, makers, photographers and many more.

Join us for what is always a wild, entertaining and truly thought-provoking experience!

Organized by 10 x 20 x 20 committee.

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