WINNIPEG DESIGN FESTIVAL 2016 Date: September 14 – 17, 2016 Location: Various locations throughout Winnipeg [see website]

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Theme: Cha[lle]nge This year, WDF is focusing the festival around the incredible value in good design that challenges conventions to change the way we experience the world. Design is all around us all the time, but good design is few and far between. We live in a designed world full of mediocre, complacent, and un-inspiring experiences. As consumers, citizens, participants, and designers, we have the power to improve our experiences through good design. Good design is innovative design. Innovative design requires the designer to challenge expectations, conventions, past experiences, and the status quo to enhance the end product. Innovative design also changes the users experience, creating a visceral, emotional reaction that balances its functional intent. In so doing, innovative design challenges us to dream bigger, push further, and expect more from the experiences in the world around us.

About the Winnipeg Design Festival: The Winnipeg Design Festival is the largest annual event of StorefrontMB and the first festival in the province dedicated to the promotion and celebration of local design culture. The Winnipeg Design Festival aims to celebrate and promote contemporary design and art in the city of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Design Festival attempts to cultivate and share Winnipeg’s rich community of talented and creative individuals; and the products of their creative processes of design and making. WDF also strives to build and cultivate interdisciplinary relationship and partnerships with industry and like-minded organizations that promote the value of good design of art, objects, architecture, and the greater built environment.

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