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David Penner Architect

David Penner Architect

What started as an act of remembrance, has been sustained by a deep respect for the work of David Penner Architect, proclaimed “best architect in Winnipeg” in the Winnipeg Free Press three days after his passing in 2020. Between these covers there are many illustrations to this point, from the poetic expression of the rainwater collection at the Manitoba Electrical Museum to the transparent, translucent, and transcendent qualities of the Penner Cottage. Our purpose in this book is to present the architect and his body of work clearly and effectively using compelling photography and insightful commentary from friends, family, and colleagues. To that end, the work is organized into three roughly chronological periods: Penner Postmodern; Rational Aughts; and Apotheosis. In this way, we attempt an honest portrait of the architect.


Featuring contributions by Tom Monteyne, Eduardo Aquino, Jason Robbins, Ed Epp, Jac Comeau, Dan Wolfrom, Dan Wolfrom, Paul Birston, Gerhard Dehls, Chris Wiebe, Matthew Penner, Peter Sampson, Helio Rodrigues, Paul Ingham, Lindsay Reid, Jane Bridle, Don Minarik, Stationpoint Photographic, and Gerry Kopelow.


Coming September, 2023


This publication has been made possible in part by generous donations to the David Penner Fund.

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