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by Steven Hung + Jessica Piper

Hay YOU is a versatile growing structure, equally suitable for community and residential gardening. Using hay as a growing medium has many benefits, including water retention, weed and pest deterrent, and compostability. A user-friendly parametric modeling interface enables prospective hay gardeners to optimize the structure based on inputted constraints. The generated cut list and CNC file use standardized components, easily purchasable at local hardware stores, and assembled to create a unique, but highly functional, vertical gardening structure

Moist Club 
by Matt Hagan + Evan Taylor

Moist Club is a recycled foam mass that provides a light and malleable infrastructure for plant growth. The mass captures rainfall and absorbs the warmth of sunlight – an ideal environment for plants to grow within and upon. The saturated room has swiss-carved openings, operating as windows, doors, and moist pots. Here form does not follow function, form follows photosynthetic growth.

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