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Winter Gardens celebrates architecture, arts, and culture in the local landscape through the creation of outdoor installations in downtown Brandon. Temporary public artworks are created and displayed in downtown Brandon during January, February and March. Artists, architects, and designers are invited to propose responses to the idea of winter garden, while transforming a public space in an original way. Interactive installations and collaborations with community groups are encouraged and partnerships formed to create artwork for and with the community of Brandon. Winter Gardens is about engaging with your city and imagining possibilities for public art. The contemporary art projects act as a vehicle to bring community members together and spark dialogue. The Gardens are places of reflection, contemplation, and activity. They are in constant transformation and change, places where knowledge is shared and exchanged.

Winter Garden creates opportunities to imagine ways that underused green spaces and pathways can come alive in the winter, reduces feelings of isolation during cold winter months, and encourages the discovery of new ways to connect with community.

The Winter Garden is a collaborative, temporary, public art project intended to be accessible to the whole community. Community groups are actively connected with Winter Garden artists, engineers, and architects as they bring the winter installations to life; free community events encourage interaction with Winter Gardens. Activities include outdoor public art displays; guided walking tours; a hot chocolate party and warm-up campfire; as well as opportunities for outdoor physical activity and winter demonstrations.

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