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Tree Tops 
by Brennan Jelinski

A handful of kinetic tree sculptures bring a splash of colour, form, and playful interaction to a snowy pedestrian pathway that cuts through a vacant lot. Passer-by are invited to interact with the colourful trees which mimic species found in Manitoba. Modular construction and ball bearings allow for the branches to be rotated, encouraging engagement as simple as accidentally brushing one’s shoulder on a branch in passing, or as deliberate as a group of children moving the branches to completely re-invent the forest’s form.

Little Mountain 
by David Penner Architect

Snow defines the Prairies as much as the fields or skies. For half the year, snow is our landscape - not merely coating it, but constituting it. We engage in an endless negotiation with this terrain, struggling to restrain or re-shape it. A little mountain is created on the prairies, transforming our topography into a moment of Manitoba mystery. Little Mountain is formed from snow and sliced to create a gorge to wander and wonder through. The pathway carves its way through the snow mound, creating an interior passage which provokes curiosity and draws onlookers within. Interior walls will provide an icy canvas for collaborative community paintings preserved behind a think layer of ice, creating a dazzling display waiting to be discovered.