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by Sylvia Choi + Daegeon Jeong

The proposed bench ‘Seesaw’ provides a new vertical movement to the site and enriches the existing horizontal movements. This small intervention on the site creates co-occurrence events between people sitting on the bench and surrounding movements.

The gently sloped bench with a vertical movement recalls visitors’ common childhood experience of playing on a seesaw and sensing gravity. Through this familiar event of sitting on the bench ‘Seesaw’, visitors are able to experience special moments of observing dynamic context of ‘The Great Trail’.

Photography by Jeongchoi Works

Wall Chair 
by Li Jiapei, Tan Yeqian + Yang Hengyuan

We chose SITE1 as the design site: the natural trees, grass, artificial rails, steel bridges, designed  and accidentally created roads, all become the initiators of our thoughts. We place the bench at the three-way intersection of the northern foot of the triangle, under the shade of a huge tree in the site. This is a translucent "wall" made of corten-steel plate and round steel bar. It is wrapped with trees to form a quiet space that attracts passers-by to rest and provides a new perspective for people to re-perceive the surrounding and the natural landscape. We look forward to the "wall chair" becoming a new vitality in the park and on The Great Line.

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