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by Nicole Marion + Chris Wiebe

Piicniic is inspired by the humble picnic table, chopped, kinked and overlapping.  It offers comfort to anyone who finds themselves on Graham Avenue for a little, or a long while. It is for restaurant patrons, bus stop waiters, bike parkers and passers-by.  

Photography by Stationpoint Photographic

Reflection Station 
by Sophia Tang + Hans-Christian Buhl

Reflection Station is a compilation of furniture that reflects the enchanting boreal forest, while also revealing the human transformation of nature. The materiality of the furniture merges and disappears into the surroundings.  

The different forms allow for an array of activities for the forest meanderers. Whether you would want to simply lean and look around, to sit and read a book, or lay and soak in the surrounding topiary beauty.

Photography by Stationpoint Photographic

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