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Floating Flowers
Hugo Bertrand + Noël Picaper

Floating Flowers is located on a hill facing the Red River. It appears like a forest of thin white flowers, from different heights and shapes, shining, singing and waving following the wind flow. Each flower is made of a folded white steel sheet and a threaded rod. Little bells are hung on it. ‘Floating Flowers’ explores the boundaries between an artificial object and the natural context. It creates a microcosm in a topographical environment surrounded by strong architectural elements (road, bridge etc.). People explore an acoustic fantasy landscape that awakens their senses.

Shovel Garden
by Nadi Design

In 2017, Winnipeg experienced one of its coldest winters in two decades. If you can’t remember—Nadi does! And they won’t let you forget it. Their concept, Shovel Garden, provides a cooling effect for Winnipeggers, reminding them about the first snowfall in October to the gloomy temperatures that rival (and exceed) the planet Mars. They painted over 100 snow shovels white to juxtapose against the garden’s vibrant summer surroundings. For Nadi, the monochromatic snow shovels act as an iconic reflection of winter. They positioned the shovels in a one-by-one meter grid to cover the garden and hauntingly stand like soldiers waiting for the first snowfall—a chillingly cheeky reminder of how cold Winnipeg can get.